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 Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I found the last issue of Insight very thought-provoking and informative. The article by Syed Ibrahim on resurrection, though, has a very controversial issue - cloning. Proving the inevitability and absolute truth of the Resurrection is not a reason for the legitimacy of cloning of human beings. I am not an expert on cloning, actually, I know very little on the subject, but the issue raisees countless questions and fears in my mind. Who is going to regulate cloning? What is the use of cloning a human? To what use will the clone be put? What are the implications of the fact that a clone has 23 pairs of chromosomes from one parent?

One of the basic aspects of Iman, is the belief in the unseen. Aspects of Qiyamah (resurrection) and Aakhira (Hereafter) have been left unexplained and and researching and trying to prove these inevitable events is not going to get us anywhere or be of much value. We may actually be feeding doubts in our own minds if we feel these realities have to be proven.

Shan Subramaniam

Dear Editor,

I am a recent fan of Insight, I see you have been publishing since 1985. If not for the Internet, I would not have been able to access this very valuable magazine. As a recent revert to Islam, I found the 'Journeys of Insight' articles very touching, and an inspiration. I would like to relate my own story in one of your issues, if that is acceptable, could I remain anonymous in the story?

Ruby Simons
N. Carolina


Editor's Note:

Anyone is welcome to submit articles to Insight. Submissions to 'Journeys of Insight' are normally anonymous, unless the writer wishes to be known; but for submissions to other sections, it is important that the writer's name is provided, and a short introduction to the author is preferred. The acceptance of articles for publication is, of course, in the hands of the Editorial Board.

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