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Vol 12, Issue 3 , No. 36

December 1997


Relevant, Comprehensive & Effective

Islam does not allow demarcation of 'sacred' from 'secular', or transcedental' from 'mundane', or 'material' from 'spiritual'. The material world is as much a part as is the spiritual world of the one reality to which man has to relate. The reality is that everything belongs to Allah and Allah is everywhere Supreme.


for articles to be included in the

December 1997 issue of INSIGHT is

15 October, 1997

It is obvious that the present educational facilities especially with reference to religious instructions, though highly praiseworthy, do not meet the actual requirements and expectations of the Muslim community. Most of these efforts have made themselves content with providing religious education on a very rudimentary level whether they are aimed at providing some basic religious knowledge to students of public and government schools, or running Islamic Schools rarely above primary levels. These arrangements fall short of providing religious security to coming generations. Dissipation of deep knowledge of the Quran and the Sunnah is what the Muslim socierty of Australia is loudly crying out for.

Suggested topics/Areas to tackle

 1. Necessity and framework of the establishment of an academic institute to provide Muslim youth with success in this world and the Hereafter.
 2. Evaluation of the Islamic schools and how to improve the quality of education.
 3. How to coordinate and streamline the mushroom growth of weekend and after-hours schools teaching Islam.
 4. Evaluation of teaching Muslim students in scripture classes in public schools.
 5. The aims and function of national, state and local branches of Islamic education institutions.

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