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A Modern Miracle

"Verily We take upon Ourselves to guide, and verily unto Us belong the End and the Beginning."

(Quran 92:12,13)

Assuredly every reversion to Islam, by those of Christian Western backgrounds, bespeaks a miracle. The measure of this miracle may be witnessed by the reaction of surprise, shock, even horror, of those of close family and friends who are still in mainstream religions.

Many are practical "miracles" wherein logic and a relentless search for Truth lead ultimately to Islam; others are more startling. Some miracles take a short period of time; many more are the work of a great number of years. The miracle does not stop with the first step of acknowledging Islam as the Religion of God, but continues with the ever-unfolding study and practice wherein peace and fulfilment are experienced.

A few years ago we had the thrilling experience of communicating with a brother whose reversion was not only startling as far as miracles go, but a miracle in the measure of time also. It happened like this:

As our brother said, "If any Muslim had knocked at my door on this, or any previous day, and asked if I would like to know anything about Islam or the Quran, I would have told him to push off. If anyone had told me that I was to become a Muslim, I would not have believed it possible!"

One day he was, seemingly, a perfectly happy Australian living quite contentedly; the next he was anxiously wondering just what he should do, and where he could possibly go to study Islam.

How did this transformation come about? As our brother related, he retired that particular night as usual. There was no reason to suspect that this particular night would mark the change of his entire life.

At some time during sleep he was given a dream. We use the word "given" advisedly, for most surely it was a gift from Allah. In this dream he found himself in a desert, and a little distance away sat a solitary man in Arab dress, sifting sand through his fingers.

Our brother drew nearer to him, whereupon this man looked, with great sadness, into our brother's face. A tear fell from his eye into the sand, a beautiful pool of clear water springing from the tear. Fascinated, our brother watched as the man then prostrated himself, calling, "Allah!" in a most heartrending manner, as one who carried great pain.

In answer to this call a large waterfall cascaded down in front of them. Its water crystal-clear, and plants of all kinds immediately grew beside and around it. Suddenly a ruby-red tear fell from heaven turning the water to blood. Our brother was shown that this was a sign of Allah's anger.

In wonderment he looked again, and above the waterfall he saw a veil. This veil was then lifted and to his horror he saw multitudes of dead bodies. As far as the eye could see were mountains of dead. He was told that these were the dead who had been killed for the sake of Allah and Islam.

The veil was then drawn, but still our brother looked, and was rewarded by another veil lifting. This time, marvelling, he saw that the dead had been called to life again, and he witnessed the great beauty and joy which were theirs.

Then his dream changed and he was standing outside the gate to Paradise. He desperately wished to enter, but with anguish he realised that he could not, for he was not of those who had worshipped Allah, or who followed the man seen previously in the desert, the Prophet! At this point he awakened! Believing! A Muslim!

Our brother recalled that he had been a small child when his father had died through war injuries, and at that time he had asked God to be a Father to him. He now recognised that the prayer of his childhood, in this way, had been answered. However, with the answering of that prayer, and Allah's leading, came further responsibility. He could not just sit and accept life as he had previously done, and he asked for guidance.

Two days later he saw two men in the shopping centre. They smiled at him, and he thought they were probably Italian. As they were passing he decided to ask them where they were from. To his amazement they answered that they were Arabs. Were they Muslims? Yes. Could they help him to learn more of Islam? Yes.

So it was that our brother commenced his new life. Soon after, he made his decision to do specialised studies of Arabic and Islam. Insha'Allah on his return to Australia he will be of great service to Islam in this country.

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