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Issue 40 2004

There is a vast complex web of social, cultural and technological challenges in the modern world which can not be ignored as they threaten to destabilise the entire planet. These problems are not limited to the West or Western people: they affect or will affect all Muslims. Islam and Muslims must be part of the solution otherwise we will be engulfed by the problem.

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INSIGHT is published by the Islamic Foundation for Education and Welfare (IFEW), a non-profit organisation established in Sydney, Australia in 1985. INSIGHT is a theme-oriented journal, dealing with a particular topic in each issue. It is devoted to the clarification of concepts and development of ideas relevant to operational Islam in contemporary society.

Until November 1996 INSIGHT has printed 32 issues funded by subscriptions and IFEW, the May 1997 issue was the first to go on the Net. Click here to view the titles and contents of previous issues.

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