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Dr Javed JamilDr Javed Jamil

Dr Javed Jamil is a medical graduate from King George's Medical College, India and is a practising physician.

Over the past few years, he has been involved in various movements aimed at spreading the message of Islam to appeal to the modern day man. Instead of taking a defensive approach as is generally the case with other scholars, he has an offensive style whereby he challenges the principles, concepts and practices of western man and the capitalist world and presents solutions in the light of the Quran and Islamic teachings.

He is currently working on various projects aimed at the application of Islamic knowledge in modern fields such as sociology, economics, politics, natural sciences, law, etc. His published works include:

  1. Family Planning and Islam
  2. Islamic Model for the Control of AIDS
  3. Wudu and Namaz - from medical point of view

These have been well received in India

His works on "Devil of Economic Fundamentalism" and "The Essence of Divine Verses" are expected to be published soon.

He is a good Urdu poet and novelist as well, and a collection of his Urdu poetry 'Rahguzar' has been recently published by Urdu Academy, India.

Insight Articles:

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