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Gunaryadi b. Mohd. Yahya

Gunaryadi Bin Mohammad Yahya

Personal Details

Name: GUNARYADI (Bin Mohd. Yahya)
Nationality: Indonesian
Date of Birth: 1 June1972
Interests: Reading, writing, language teaching and research, international relations, journalism
Correspondence Address: JI. Srigunting 2, Padang 25132 - Indonesia
e-mail: [email protected]

Educational Records

September 1995: Graduated from the English Department, Languages and Arts Faculty of Padang Teacher Training and Education Institute (IKIP Padang). Cum. GPA = 3.42

TOEFL SCORE: 527 (May 1995)

IELTS SCORE: 6.0 (December 1997)

Organisational Experience

  1. Treasurer of Islamic Centre AI-Ouds Padang, November 197 to date
  2. Executive Secretary of Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore (Indonesia) Joint Business Council Secretariat 1997/98, West Sumatra Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry, November 1997 to date
  3. Assistant to the Chairman Coordinating International Relations, Banking and Investment, West Sumatra Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry, April 1996 to date
  4. Chairman of Islamic Forum, Faculty of Languages and Arts Education of IKIP Padang, 1993-94

Working Experience

  1. Liaison Officer of Perwisa Holdings Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) for Higher Education Cooperation in Sumatra Region, November 1996-September 1997
  2. International Business Relations Staff, PT. Bina Citra Nusantara Corp. (Consortium Company of West Sumatra Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry, April 1996 to date
  3. Part-time English Instructor at Padang University of Technology, March 1996 to date
  4. Staff at Malaysia and Singapore Secretariate in Tripartite Meeting of Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle (IMS-GT) in Bukittinggi, March 1996
  5. Internship Staff at Cooperation and International Programs Office of IKIP Padang, September 1995-January 1996
  6. Interpreter in the Australia-Indonesia Ceramics Exhibition in Padang, January 1 995
  7. Vice Editor-in-Chief of Rainbow, a Bulletin of the English Department Students Association

Since 1995, actively writes in:

  1. Singgalang Newspaper, Padang
  2. Haluan Newspaper, Padang
  3. Pelangi Magazine, Australia

Insight Contributions:

  1. Monetary Crisis: Indonesia's Lessons