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Number 40, 2002

The Evoked Muslim

Living Islam in an Uncertain World

It has been ascertained that the young generation of Muslims, throughout the world and in the Western countries particularly, face the problems of "defensive modernisation." They attempt to come to terms with a culture seemingly affront to the beliefs they have been told to follow as Islam. Moreover, Islam is being portrayed as evil, backward, intolerant and misguided. They are confused and they have no guidance as to how to reconcile the two.

Yet in the face of all this, Islam is front page news, copies of the Quran are in wide circulation and reversion to Islam is at an all-time high. How can the good that is Islam be brought to the surface?

The position of Islam needs to be correctly portrayed. It has to be clearly spelled out that Islam can establish the world-view that can bring justice and peace to the world. And, most importantly, the need to reconcile modern living with Islam values is higher now than ever before.


for articles to be included in the

next issue of INSIGHT is

15 August, 2002

Your original, previously unpublished contribution is urgently sought.

Suggested topics/Areas to tackle

1. The ailments of the Muslim community.
2. How to build bridges between the Muslim world and the Euro-American civilisation?
3. What are the practical difficulties for the modern Muslim in practicing Islam and their solutions?
4. What are the correct interpretations of the three terms: Ummah, Millah and Qawm? Which category can be applied to the Muslims in the present age and why?
5. Analysis of the present World Order and possible future world orders and actions required for the transformation.
6. Huntington in Clash of Civilisations is convinced that the Western power has eroded the ability to prevail in a global conflict. He insists that a continued course of confrontation with other civilisations is a bad option "because it would lead to the defeat of the West." Comment and present your verdict in the light of recent events and the present situation.
7. The phenomena of reaction and proaction against the present events of world affairs.
8. Distinction between terrorism and Jihad, Muslim terrorism and non-Muslim terrorism.

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